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If what you are looking for isn't available here, you may find it in our premium archive, which includes over a century of Atlantic articles. But this week has been worse still, and the damage has been almost entirely inflicted by the president himself.Consider the highlights: On Sunday, Oprah Winfrey delivered a speech at the Golden Globes that served as an implicit rebuke of the president.Mark Zuckerberg moved fast and broke shit, lots of shit.He broke journalism, by radically deflating the value of the digital advertising on which the livelihood of media now depends; he broke the reading habits of his users, the lab rats in his grand experiment, by constantly manipulating them and feeding them an endless stream of dreck to jack up their “engagement” with his site; and in a way, he broke American democracy, by sitting on his hands as a foreign adversary exploited his platform and by creating the world’s most efficient vehicle for spreading political lies and agitprop.The analysis builds on a growing body of research pointing to increasingly sick seas pummeled by the effluent of civilization.

A split-second decision by an American medic to perform a needle thoracostomy, an emergency procedure that involves inserting a needle into the chest to relieve pressure on the lungs, probably saved his life.

Warmer seawater both holds less oxygen and turbocharges the worldwide consumption of oxygen by microorganisms.

Meanwhile, agricultural runoff and sewage drives suffocating algae blooms.

A massive new source of public-opinion research offers fresh insights into the fault lines emerging in Donald Trump’s foundation of support.

Previously unpublished results from the nonpartisan online-polling firm Survey Monkey show Trump losing ground over his tumultuous first year not only with the younger voters and white-collar whites who have always been skeptical of him, but also with the blue-collar whites central to his coalition. Given that he started in such a strong position with those blue-collar whites, even after that decline he still holds a formidable level of loyalty among them—particularly men and those over 50 years old.

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