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In cases where brain death is considered but intoxication is unclear, consultation with a medical toxicologist or clinical toxicologist is recommended to guide decision making regarding the timing or appropriateness of clinical testing, as clinical brain death determination cannot take place until intoxication is excluded.The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) offers guidance for the diagnosis of brain death.Routine urine toxicologic immunoassays have limited sensitivity, even for common drugs, and a "negative" urine drug screen should not be used to exclude drug intoxication, and a "positive" urine drug screen cannot be used to assess the extent or degree of intoxication.For example, a typical opiate screen does not reliably identify oxycodone and hydrocodone and does not identify synthetic opioids such as fentanyl or buprenorphine, and a typical benzodiazepine screen does not reliably identify clonazepam.

It is the position of ACMT that the format of the SDS should not be expanded to serve as a mechanism to communicate to practitioners of medicine advice on treatment of the health effects of chemical exposure other than first aid measures.First aid recommendations should be intended for first responders and include specific treatment only when there is an antidote or intervention generally accepted as effective, and early administration could substantially improve outcome.The first aid section should be developed under the supervision of a physician.The specific drug responsible for intoxication may not be identified by history or drug screening.Drug screening in the clinical setting is not comprehensive, so a negative drug screen does not exclude intoxication.

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In contrast, a "positive" urine drug screen by itself is not confirmatory, but in the setting of an appropriate history, clinical presentation and physical examination can support intoxication.

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