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When i started it i came to know that it was a porn movie so i went to the door and locked it from inside and mute the TV. Again I started pressing my mom’s boobs and started untying the knots of her salwar. We were discussing about the studies and college days. Then my friends started talking about their girl friends and their sex life. Then my friends asked me that whether i had sex with any one? The time passed on chatting, After some my friend gave a dvd and asked me to play it on the dvd player. The movie got over after half an hour so i switched off the dvd player. Actually I was so horny that’s why i went in the kitchen so that I can be cooled down by my mom. She also told the if your friends saw that what they will think about and me. After some time my friend called me from my room so i leaved my mom and took the drink and went to my room again and started chatting with them. My mom got shocked and pushed me back and said that this not the right time to do this.Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

After some time Karan was done with his job and so was i.

At last we all also got tired and went asleep in different parts of the room without clothes and made my mom sleep on the bed without clothes.

When we woke up mom was in the kitchen and making tea for all of us and said that “yesterday u all would have killed me, but it was the best fuck I had every got.

Now my other frnds put their dick in my mom’s pussy and Ass and now mom was enjoying it and moaning heavily. Then all told that now we will reverse the positions and those who fucked auntie’s pussy will now fuck her Ass and those who fucked Ass will now fuck her pussy.

We all continued fucking my mom and slapping her on her body parts.

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I took some money and went to the medical shop nearby my house and asked for a pack of condom. I asked mom that one condom is lacking what should i do. My mom started moaning and was saying “yeah beta aur zor se, aur zor se.

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