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" They just got there BC and AD mixed up, which is very handy for mixing up lots of other stuff.

John Burgon, THE TRADITIONAL TEXT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. According to John Hinton, one of very few, and quite possibly the only godly man of faith to get a Phd in bible languages from Harvard in the last 20 years, said, "the text of Origen's Hexapla, from which the alleged LXX was copied, was itself not copied until half a century after Origen's death, so it is unlikely that it is an accurate copy of Origen's text, let alone one from 200 B. Nevertheless, for some strange reason the judgment of seminary theologians is suspended on the issue of the date of the LXX.

If they could answer these questions, they could be on the Septuagint "committee." The fable further states that six Jews from each of the twelve tribes were involved. Aleph-"Sinaiticus:" written more than 200 years after the completion of the New Testament. There are two lines of Bible texts, one good (Antioch) one corrupt (Alexandria).

There are absolutely NO manuscripts pre-dating the third century A. to validate the claim that Jesus or Paul quoted a Greek Old Testament. Only about 50 of the 5250 ancient Greek Text portions of ancient manuscripts are Alexandrian.

Yes, the source is at least 200 years AFTER Christ! Westcott & Hort propagated Origen's corruptions, and PRIMARILY used the Alexandrian texts for the Greek text which they assembled.

NIV New Testament and Old Testament quotes may match occasionally because they were both penned by the same hand, Eusebius/Origen. Of course those corrupt texts disagree with the Majority texts.

According to the colophon on the end of Sinaiticus, it came from Origens Hexapla. Even church historians of questionable character and faith like Jerome, Hort, and Carson, agree that this is probably true. If you want another word for corrupt manuscripts, just say Alexandrian.

Origen wrote his Hexapla two hundred years after the life of Christ and the apostles. One is missing Revelation, both are missing large portions, but add apocryphal books.

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The easily verifiable HOAX of the letter of pseudo-Aristeas proves that the Septuagint (LXX) cannot be the word of God for several reasons: 1. Any Jew living in or returning to Egypt was in direct disobedience to Gods command in Deuteronomy . It contains apocryphal books such as Tobit, The Prayer of Manasses, 2 Esdras, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, 1 and 2 Maccabees; there are also additions to Esther and Daniel. The Septuagint can be traced no farther back in time than to its obvious source of Eusebius and Origens Hexapala. 08108 USA) Jack Moorman writes that "Paul Kahle ( a famous O. scholar) who has done extensive work in the Septuagint does not believe that there was one original old Greek version and that consequently the manuscripts of the Septuagint (so-called) cannot be traced back to one archtype... The research of Paul Kahle shows that there was no pre-Christian LXX. It omits Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings and all of the major and minor prophets! If the LXX or Septuagent translation is ever found to be quoted directly in the KJV New Testament or Old Testament it is simply because it is the correct translation.

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