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"Kurama had one more thing to say to Ami while they were still walking."Listen, Ami…if you want after this is all over…would you like to…? Well for some not to play like that rabbit demon, that's still enough for anyone who can play can still watch. I mean she was pretty good winning so many times in that video game, you know what I mean? If you win this, you gain another life making it four instead of three. For she was more excited to go all out than to worry."Yes! Besides fighting games, dancing has always been my favorites to go with the music. Boys."Seems that it was now Ami's turn for Genkai sees that she'll do just fine, while an overweight type of female goblin was ready to take her on."Be careful, Ms. "Iki didn't think so on his end."He's only ten years old, you guys! Final battle 'with any luck' for Kurama to beat Ama, with somewhat not being a good ending for this video game to happen. "Amanuma, let me ask you something." Amanuma nodded indicting Kurama to continue. No demon will ever be a serious challenge to me." Amanuma answered with a large grin on his face."If you lose this game," Kurama paused for a moment, "you will die."Amanuma didn't believe what Kurama was saying and claimed that Kurama was just trying to unnerve him before the game began."You can't be that dumb." Ami commented gaining Amanuma's attention. No doubt this was going to put a lot of strain on Kurama." he whispers something in Ami's ear to be surprised about it. "For Iki to overhear on what it was and Ami to be blushing to be something good to make her hug Kurama, it must be good news. Good, let's get rolling…"Inside the room were a large screen and multiple machines around the room. Well, guess we need a lot things to explain here so Ami tells Yusuke and the others about it."Um…no, I just read about it. ""I think, my last game was my fiftieth." She answered. He tells King Yama the news on what's to come soon for him to go back to the Human World to stop Sensui for good for George hopes for the best on his end…Alright, on to the next one being Genkai's turn doing an air war battle to use planes.'Gaming time: Round 2 – Genkai'She does well, I still think she should've done some higher-level ones. With Yana and Iki cheering everyone on and Hiei to be chilling out, everything was going well so far."Nicely done, Grandma! But if you lose this one, you have two more lives to worry about." Ama warns the others. Ami." Said Kiyoshi."Show this Game Master brat who's boss." Yusuke said to Ami. You'll see what I mean in a bit…'Gaming time against the Goblin King: Final Round– Kurama/Yoko/Shuichi Minamino'Well, here we go. "Did Sensui suggest using the Goblin City game for this distraction? Demons are going swarm out from the demon plane and create mass chaos. "You know just as well as I do, how this video game ends. Kids are a lot more trusting."Kurama kept his back to the team. Kids are easy swayed, by adults who play their childish impulses, as Sensui clearly did." Amanuma stared at Kurama blankly as he took everything he was just told. Ami just prayed that everything would work out."(Oh, Kurama…I knew what you're doing is the truth, but a painful one for us to win…Now I feel sorry for Ama.)"It can't be helped now." Ami asked walking next to Kurama, who has been quiet since the end of the game with Amanuma. Kuwabara was sitting on a boat in a small lake with Gourmet; behind them was the opening portal. "Ami sees Sensui to act all calm and all to get angry at him for hurting her friend on the boat."Sensui…! "And enough time for me to kill Ami real soon."Not good, can the others save Kuwabara before he gets grabbed by demons behind him from the gates done by Itsuki? Kuwabara cried out, but it was muffled by the gag in his mouth."Urameshi! (It's payback time when I'm done with you for murdering my Dad and working with Ethan's sister to kill my Mom! Base from my all time Anime series of one girl name Ami Sakkara, who's Genkai's granddaughter who fights really well like her. " With Iki trying to make his move on Botan again, Yusuke pulls him back to get going for them as Kiyoshi led the two, Hiei, Kurama, and Ami to Sensui's hideout."Not happy, rabbit boy! Botan at least cheers them on as she, Genkai, Kaito, and Yana waited outside of the place for the time being 'in case the others needed backup'. Ami would have to wait and see…'Into the hideout we go!

They would look beautiful with the stars above.""I'll make sure to plant some when this is all over.""Thanks! Once the seven…or rather eight of them were in front of the door, it slid open to allow you inside."You finally have seven I see. Ama spins the machine to pick out three things."Bonus time! "Seems that Ami was next to give it a try as promised. He's buying time until the barrier tunnel is opened." Kurama said. Yusuke turned back to Kurama and asked what Kurama's chances are and Kurama explained that he was more worried about how this was going to end. Kurama step forward and took his place at the controls.

Ever since Quizilla made changes in their site, Is there another website like Quizilla that I can write stories and quizzes on?

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We should play some other time just you and me." He said."I'll think about it, kid, thanks." Ami then bows to the others to be cheering for her. Give your boyfriend some time and he'll be okay again." He said. ""Guess you can't, Yusuke, I feel his pain."And for that, the other three head on back from the caves to wait with Botan to hope that the others will do well on their ends now."Ami, be careful in there." Genkai said. From no more demon bugs and the clouds being clear, I guess the worse is yet to come. Sensui will be there."Iki points like a dog out to stop and make their turn to the right room to be like Kiyoshi said to lead the way."This way! The group continuing to them to come upon an opening. For Yusuke's team will save Kuwabara and the world by stopping a mess up human being with powers. Once Gatekeeper and Gourmet are stopped next before him.

The two hug each other to leave on for Iki to help them and Kiyoshi too."Let's get going then." He said. Ami, Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke, Iki, and Mitarai continued through the tunnel."How much further is it, Mitarai? When Ami, Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, Iki, and Kiyoshi entered they saw Sensui sitting on a couch with his back to the group. For Iki goes to his normal form to be ready and so were the other five too."We're coming for you, Kuwabara! Sensui will pay for this even for messing with poor Ama.

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Genkai then ordered Ami, Kurama, Hiei, Iki, and Yusuke to go into the cave first. Let's go.""Thanks." Mitarai said."Finally, some action! " Ami 'who was wearing an outfit of Chun Li from Street Fighter Alpha' cheered punching her fist into the air. Being his Lamp Weed skills."I'm glad you had those, Kurama." Ami commented looking over her shoulder at the trial of glowing flowers. "That's about the halfway point." Mitarai abruptly came to a halt. Since there were only six of them 'for Iki couldn't play to count him out'; they had no choice to go back to the others.

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