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Body shapers come in different sizes, different shapes and patterns. But the truth is if you buy a body shaper from a good brand it will help you a lot.Always keep in mind that the fabric should be very stretchable and breathable material.This action on the part of Dermawear slimming garments helps reduce excess fat, inter cellular extraneous material etc and thus you lose inches at your waist, hips, thighs etc.The tighter the compression garments the better effect it will give.The most important thing you need to follow is wearing undergarments according to your body shape and size rather than wearing a smaller size. If you don’t wear them according to your size, it will make you look fatter.This is the most important out of all fashion tips.

But remember that it will suppress your hunger a little bit.

Yes, you can use Dermawear slimming garments 6-8 weeks after normal and 25-30 weeks after caesarean delivery.

Initially you may have to go for one size larger if you find the compression too firm/ uncomfortable to use & once this size becomes loose then you may switch over to smaller size to ensure progressive reduction in your waist measurement.

It is however important to check the size charts so that the garment can give scientifically correct compression for enhanced effect.

Dermawear slimming garments have to be worn for 5-8 hours during the day, it is highly recommended that you use it while you are awake & not during sleeping hours.

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External pressure improves the functioning of the lymph and venous circulation thus reducing and minimising the accumulation of inter-cellular extraneous material & excess fat. Dermawear range of slimming garments does not slow down or affect the arterial (coming from Heart) blood flow.