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If you’re a Gemini woman wanting to attract a Leo man, use your fairy-like precision to skirmish with him on the outskirts of desire. If they find a common to marriage, it works well, because Gemini lightens Leo up, and Leo stabilizes Gemini. Furthermore, together the Leo man and Gemini woman will be creative about life which allows them to respond positively to adversity. His pace may be a bit boring to the Gemini, who wants it all right now.

Furthermore, their communication is likely to be quite good. Gemini will just keep talking until he finally loosens up and joins the party. If they learn to compromise, they can get the best of both.

Geminis are easily bored and want immediate gratification. Right away they’ll feel like they’re falling into a romantic comedy. Gemini, try not to laugh at him as he comes on too strong sometimes. For this reason, they may enjoy dating more than the commitment of marriage and childrearing.

Both of them enjoy having fun and meeting strangers in parties and love going for weekend trips, to fulfil the audacious zeal in life.You’ll have to be on your toes to keep up with her.Try to add a little variety to your courtship style. If you have been calling her once a week for three weeks, and then skip a week, she probably won’t even notice, and if she does, she’ll appreciate your giving her some space. In fact sometimes it’s hard for them to take the whole thing seriously enough.You’re probably in the mood for a good time if you have been attracted to one another. The lion has the reputation for hogging all the attention, but in truth, a Leo is the perfect and enjoys being entertained by Gemini’s tricks and turns.If you’re a Leo man who wants to attract the attention of a Gemini woman, get ready for some competition, and don’t let it faze you.

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