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They should release a compilation of those games into a retail release(physical and offline) and add features like "galleries" so you wouldn`t need to replay over and over, plus you wouldn`t need to hold a boner that long for an specific picture or animation.

good game,the didi-character ould be nice to see in a bigger lopgold game,i got into a serie where my morale keeps dropping,it went from 7 to 0 overnigth and it keeps doing so everyday. , the music gets pretty annoing but her moaning sounds new .

Remove leaves and debris then use a hose to run water through them, starting from the highest point.

That way you can check that the water is flowing properly and find any leaks.

if you do all right can go to max, sex121, and give ring as last play. 4 should be easy to get just let her get sick and stay sick. So far she won`t take the engagement ring at 96 love and it does go over 100. Go for the high priced ones but keep in mind to have enough to pay for quality.

At anytime once over love 100 and ring in hand you can end at level #6 if want to end. It is not necessary to purchase and play each level. Made a shopping list for anyone who wants to know prices for items you buy while shopping.

It could be better if I could continue the game until last day, even if gave her ring or made other ending decision. Graphics and Animations very nice and Hot and Gameplay is super,just choose what you want to do for the Day to reache your Goal. :) Try to boost her looks to 100, and start to take her to champagne lunch / dinner. i see if they extend it a little longer and add public sex or sex-with-a-fan cuz she is a pornstar would be quite hot . Interest take on the typical adult dating sim style of game.

For a free sex game, the graphics are top notch and the game play is enticing. BTW I didn`t track the value changes for the whole shop sections, but I think it is safe to say the gift section will raise love. I kept making wrong turns, and I got the pornstar ending all the time, or her career stalled. Have played it over & over and got all the other endings but not 6.Man, Lesson of Passion should release their game as offline games or make an offline compilation of all those already released.I`m telling you that because their games are amazing and dangerously adictive x D those girls are always so extremely hot. is 100 or more, give her a diamond engagement ring and you shall live happily ever after????? Just one word of advice; If she gets pregnant, make sure to clear the cookies from your computer before you start again.I`m really not a fan of the gameplay as it becomes dragging and more of a click-fest, remember-the-pattern kind of game in the latter days. I still encounter bugs while playing the game though.

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  1. Here are some signs that might indicate that you are dating a psychopath. You might get mad at people for trying to convince you to break up with your partner, or make excuses for your partner because you are convinced that you are the only one that understands him or her. He or she feels entitled to act the way that they do.