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Leonardo decaprio dating

I often ask myself if I could ever be as attractive as Leo, but deep down I know the answer is: However, as the actor has gotten older, one thing you would expect to change is the age of the girls he dates.

Over his illustrious career, the 43-year-old Oscar winner has been romantically linked with some of the most beautiful women in existence – many of them outrageously gorgeous supermodels and cover girls.

The Titanic star has sparked romance rumours with multiple outing with Lorena Rae in recent months.

And now the pair has once again been spotted out and about in New York.

As one trusty eyewitness notes, he was doing this “most of the time” and the couple’s PDA was “minimal.” Was Leo writing a Yelp review?

Checking to see if anyone had seen his Instagram Story of #Lunch With Boo Boo? Is Leo tracking it on his phone with Find My Cap, an app that hasn’t been invented?

Gisele Bündchen Then, in 2003, Di Caprio started dating his long-time love, Brazillian model Gisele Bündchen.

This is because the man looks like he was designed by a committee of goddesses whose only mission was to create a man that would be found invariably attractive around the world over the span of his lifetime by both men and women alike.

Yes, it’s safe to say that the star has never been short of offers when it comes to beautiful women accompanying down the red carpet.

While in Moscow, Shayk (born Shaykhlislamova) - who was spotted departing LAX on Friday - shared several Instagram snaps of the delicious local delicacies.

As for Leonardo, the habitual modelizer has lately been romancing a 23-year-old German called Lorena Rae following his May split from Danish beauty Nina Agdal.

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Or perhaps he texting his buddy Tobey Maguire (or new buddy Orlando Bloom) about the fresh rainbow roll with avocado or the caterpillar roll with eel?