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“They caught people's imaginations the most,” he said. Vanderbei, a professor at Princeton, has also tried different methods to show results.When he saw a county results map in USA Today the morning after the 2000 election, he noticed the county he lived in was shaded red.But this solution shows just one way of looking at the election.Each diamond in a state represents an electoral college vote in a system in which states with smaller populations are overrepresented.But the odds are overwhelming that you won't be casting your vote online in this year's election—or in the next few after that.In the meantime, we can still get our “I voted” stickers.(He’s also made maps for the 2016 election) “Once people saw the map rescaled, they realized that it was a better representation of the outcome of the election,” Newman said.He’s made cartograms of this sort with other data sets, but the first set of election cartograms he published in 2004 were viewed more than a million times.

Online voting isn't dead forever: great minds are working with biometric ID systems, two-factor authentication and new cryptographic systems in hopes of solving the problem.

In fact, only 160 of the 3,000 counties nationwide were responsible for half of the votes cast in 2012.

(As depicted on the map at the top of this page.) Mark Newman, a professor of physics at the University of Michigan, has found a novel solution to this problem.

Unfortunately, three factors weaken this system's importance as a model for the U. First, Estonia is a country of about one million eligible voters—not around 220 million. Third, security experts insist that just because hackers haven't interfered with Estonia's voting doesn't mean they can't.

In 2014 a team led by University of Michigan researchers found at least two points where hackers could easily change votes: by installing a virus on individual PCs or by modifying the vote-collecting servers.

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