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Online solution for sexual problems

The elementary body is the highly infectious form of Chlamydia.

Both specific blood borne and T lymphocytes (thymus derived lymphocytes) cell-mediated immune responses are elicited following Chlamydia infection.

The infection also activates a host of co-stimulators (IL-1, IL-12, ICAM-1, LFA-3, CD40 and B7 molecules) Specific humoral immune responses, in addition to the T lymphocyte response, including secretory and systemic antibodies, play a role in protective immunity.

Members of the genus Chlamydia are unique bacteria exhibiting, not unlike viruses, an intracellular development phase, the reticulate body (RB) and a highly infectious extra cellular form, the elementary body (EB). Within each of these groups individual serovars are separated by differences in certain surface proteins, antigens.

Chlamydia psittaci a zoonotic bacterium (causes diseases in animals that can be transmitted from animals to humans) constitutes an occupational hazard for workers in the poultry and farming industry, and persons exposed to infected avian species.

Chlamydia pecorum has not been associated with any human disease.

We are convinced therefore that this organism is the most significant cause of chronic prostatitis.

A thorough knowledge of the unique life cycle of Chlamydia, its effect on living tissues and its interaction with the immune system is necessary to make the right diagnosis and design the proper therapy for the condition.

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