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Even though he was uncomfortable with the situation, he was confused by his body’s behavior.“I’m like ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, I must be broken, this doesn’t make sense,’ ” he said.

He chatted with a woman he knew slightly, then said good night to her and his friends, and headed upstairs to go to sleep. She was trying to stage it.”If someone had heard her, he has no doubt they would believe her story first.“I didn’t understand what happened until later, maybe a few weeks later, when this person made a comment about wanting to see me again and do what he did before.It led me to believe we had some sort of sexual contact.”If so, the woman said, it was without her consent; she was incapacitated.“I was in no state of mind” to say yes to sex, she said.“I think I was hoping that he would realize that what he did was wrong.”She didn’t report the incident because her mother worried that it would be more stressful to go through that process than to leave it alone.“I think he thought because we had started, because he had kissed me and I didn’t immediately shove him off and say what the f---, that meant he was entitled to have sex with me or something,” she said.

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About 15 minutes later, he said, the woman came into his room, very drunk and making it very clear that she was interested in him. “She took advantage of that perception that girls are weak, girls are the victims, and totally turned the tables on me.“That was completely messed up.