Speed dating meetup nyc

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Preventing other people from sitting down because you look like you’re airing out your balls is pretty much the antithesis of attractive.

Good looks are purely physical attributes – in men, it’s a matter of facial symmetry, shoulder-to-waist ratio, height and outward signs of physical health.

But above all else, when you make eye contact, you need to a smile comes off as though you’re evaluating whether her flesh would make a fetching lampshade.

Making eye contact, giving her a slow smile and opening up your body language on the other hand…

Leave your torso open and your legs un-crossed and you’ll seem more attractive and friendly.

Just remember there’s a difference between “taking up space” and “sprawling”.

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Being less fidgety and twitchy makes you look more collected and more at ease with yourself and with the people you’re talking to.

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