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Our results demonstrate the existence of ancient continental crust beneath Mauritius; based on the entire spectrum of U–Pb ages for old Mauritian zircons, we demonstrate that this ancient crust is of central-east Madagascar affinity, which is presently located 700 km west of Mauritius.

This makes possible a detailed reconstruction of Mauritius and other Mauritian continental fragments, which once formed part of the ancient nucleus of Madagascar and southern India.

6) are unknown, and are generously drawn in the diagram.

We propose that Mauritia is dominantly underlain by Archaean continental crust, and part of the ancient nucleus of Madagascar (stippled black line).

Similarly, a fragment of continental crust was suggested to underlie the young plume-related lavas of the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, on the basis of gravity inversion modelling (crustal thickness) and the recovery of Proterozoic (660–1,971 Ma) zircons from basaltic beach sands) is the second youngest member of a hotspot track extending from the active plume site of Réunion, through the Mascarene Plateau, the Laccadive-Chagos Ridge and into the 65.5 Ma Deccan Large Igneous Province.

It is from such a Mauritian trachyte that a population of zircons was extracted and analyzed for this paper.

We considered major continental masses like India, as well as large (e.g., Madagascar, 587 × 10750 Ma (ref.

The mineral inclusions in these ancient zircons include quartz, K-feldspar and monazite, as determined by EDS measurements; this assemblage would be consistent with crystallization from granitic or syenitic magmas.

As the three grains are distinct in terms of their crystallization ages as well as their Th/U systematics, we conclude that trachytic magma traversed through and incorporated silicic continental crustal material that preserves a record of several hundred Myr of Archaean evolution.

19); no Archaean components have been identified there. 1) consists of a nucleus of Palaeoarchaean to Neoarchaean (3.4–2.5 Ga) migmatitic orthogneisses flanked by juvenile Neoarchaean (2.7–2.5 Ga), dominantly granitoid gneisses.

The best match to the age spectrum of Precambrian zircons recovered from Mauritius occurs in east-central Madagascar, where Palaeoarchaean to Mesoarchaean (3.4–3.1 Ga, Antongil–Masora domain) gneisses have been correlated with lithostratigraphic units in the Dharwar Craton, and juvenile Neoarchaean rocks of the Antananarivo domain can be correlated with similar belts in the Eastern Dharwar (blue bars).

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Three zircon grains show uniquely mid- to late-Archaean U–Pb systematics, with no evidence for Phanerozoic components.

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