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While we understand that the two successful stars are busy with their work and that Deepika’s Hollywood debut has kept her out of town for long, one cannot help but wonder if all’s well in their love story.We were in fact, missing this duo’s pictures together – remember how they matched their attires and sometimes even their expressions.Although the pair hasn't accepted their affair, they haven’t denied it either.If things go right between them in coming days, we might get to hear them tying the knot.

That’s not all he even walked into an interview to hand over her birthday present.

And that’s when we decided to take a look at both Ranveer and Deepika’s outing and we’re certain like us you too will be a little surprised to see that they have steered clear of each other…Here’s a look at the January calendar…Deepika celebrated her birthday on January 5.

Last year when the Padmavati actress was filming for x Xx in the US, Ranveer travelled to be with his ladylove.

from making it public their 2017 calendar hints something is amiss.

Well, for a couple who made us blush with their PDA and lovey-dovey quotes, Ranveer and Dippy are lying pretty low in the last few months.

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